Hi I am 9 years old. I am in Mrs. Albertson's class. I love math. My favorite thing is lattice multiplication. Mrs Albertson taught r whole class. Every Tuesday I go to Mrs. White's class and we come down to the lab and work on are wikipages or blogs. I don't have a blog.

At my house there is a lot of fighting. I have two younger sisters one is at this school the other one is in preschool. Sarah is in preschool. Mary is in kindergarten at this school. The fighting is about the TV Chanels or movies we want to watch. My dad is always on the computer doing wired stuff. My sister Sarah is always biting me. Most of the kids I live near go to Henley, Western or even the Field School. I might move to a different school. If you know Zach and Tyler I live near them. Math is one of my favorite things. My math teacher is Mrs Scott.I get in a lot of truoble some times but now I am not getting in trouble a lot any more. At lunch people try to save spots like to day Apr.28,2011 11:05 bla